Overall objective of the project is to empower youth who live in Turkey by providing them united and strong youth-NGOs which can effect to youth policies in national and even international level. To reach this objective project will carry out following activities.

1- Facilitating Participatory Democracy Meetings(FPDMs): The umbrella organisations are powerful tools for participatory democracy and structured dialogue. The project will facilitate the membership of youth NGOs to Forum. Youth Organisations’ Forum will allow its member organisations to participate in policy making processes on national and international level. To do so, the project will organise two meetings and one Round Table Meetings in Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul where Youth NGO’s managers/presidents will meet and discuss about participatory democtacy. The first and second meetings will involve 30 NGO manager or young representative(18-30) as participant, 60 NGO managers/representatives in total. The meetings will include an introductory presentation of Youth Organisations’ Forum and its system that’s used for youth participation. The presentation will consist of information about the membership process of Youth Organisations’ Forum and its advantages about how umbrella organisations can effect to policy making process.

2- Round Table Meeting (RTM) : It aims to bring together Forum’s members and others NGOs who work about human rights and democracy and talk about what was the project process. The participants are going to prepare a decleration about how participatory democracy should be and how the system should be while democraticly coming up with a desicion. There will be 60 NGO managers/representatives and 30 Gofor’s own member organisation’s representatives will be attended. The press conference will be organised and the decleration is going to be published after the project in Turkish and English.

3- Materials to be produced: GoFor posters, digital advertaising, roll-ups and spider stand

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