Stock Short Name: Chicheng Biotech Stock Code: 831696 President: Chen Chiqing General Manager: Mao Yefu Establish time: 5TH, Nov, 2004 Register Address: 8 Tianchi Road(11 Fazhan Road ), Yuyangguan Town, Wufeng County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, China. Buesiness Scope: Chinese Gall aphids cultivation and base construction; The purchase,manufacture, sales, import and export business of gallnuts series products; The manufacture, sales, import and export business of food grade tannic acid and gallic acid series, high purity ellagic acid products.tannin made rust-converter agent etc. Productivity Scale: At present our company own 3000 square meters of standard extractive workship, integrated with efficient extraction separation technology, Ultrasonic Extraction Technology under low temperature, Membrane separation technology, Resin purification technology etc, keeping the leading position in the field to domestic tannin industrial production, with annual capacity of 3000 tons of tannic acid, 2000 tons of gallic acid series products and 100 tons ellagic acid,these products are widely used in food , beverage, healthy care products, cosmetic, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries and exported to more than 10 countries and regions all over the world. By using the capital, talents, technology, brand and products advantage, we set up 5000 tons antibiotics-free natural feed additives, which widely used in premix feed, aquatic feed, poultry feed, pig feed and other feed products. Provide optimal solution for animal intestinal function and health management. At the same time use our own resource advantages, build up 20000 tons organic fertilizer production line. R&D Advantage: Our company was identified as 鈥?National high and new technology enterprise鈥? 鈥?Hubei forestry industrialization key leading enterprise 鈥?鈥漎ichang agricultural industrialization鈥?鈥淵ichang natural plant extract tannic acid engineering technology center鈥?and 鈥淲ufeng Chicheng Biotech Co.,LTD academician experts workstation.鈥?/p> Development Mode: The implementation of 鈥渃ompany+scientific research institute+plant base+association+farmers鈥?of forestry industrialization development mode, by the use of the domestic leading proprietary technology 鈥淐ombination of artificial hang bag and natural migratory flight鈥? carry on the reconstruction of gallnuts trees reach to fifty thousand Mu, annual output can reach more than 3000 tons of gallnuts, Wufeng become worthy of the name 鈥淭he hometown of gallnuts鈥? it can provide plenty of raw material for company鈥檚 further process of gallnuts. Development Goal: Become a outstanding innovation biotechnology company in China. Industry Positioning: Extending continuously gallnut industry chain, with high-end biological products to occupy domestic and international markets, making Wufeng County as market barometer in Chinese gallnuts industry, become the Chinese gallnuts planting and process center, current export hub and price formation center.Octyl gallate Made in China website:

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